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Graphing In Groups Privacy Policy

The Graphing in Groups iOS application is developed by members of the Professor Tobin White’s CLICK lab at the School of Education, University of California, Davis. You may contact Professor White with questions about the application.

When used in collaborative mode, a student selected ID (e.g. initials or first name; between 2 and 8 characters) and current (x,y) location within their graph window are transmitted to the teacher’s computer over the classroom wireless network. On the teacher’s computer the sequence of graph location updates can be saved to a local log file. Beyond the log file on the teacher’s computer, information is never sent to any remote location or saved in any other way. It is up to the discretion of the individual classroom teacher as to whether graph movements are logged.

Beyond the data described in the previous paragraph, the Graphing in Groups App collects no personally identifiable information (PII) of any kind.

Future changes to our privacy policy can be found on this page.

September 27, 2014
University of California, Davis